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WPTurbo 1.5 Released

Version 1.5 of WPTurbo is now available to download in your customer area. There was a problem with the Articles module posting empty content so that has been fixed.

We have also added a new proxy option, under “setup” > “main settings” you can now enter a list of proxy IP addresses. This is for people whose host had been blocked from posting article content. You can list as many IP addresses as you like here, just separate with a comma. You can grab a list of usable IP addresses here.

To upgrade just overwrite your old plugin files – all your campaigns and settings will be kept.

We will have mroe modules coming soon for you, so keep an eye out for announcements.

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21 Responses to “WPTurbo 1.5 Released”

By Ross Popoff-Walker - 31 January 2012

Hi, I purchased WPTurbon several weeks ago and have been trying to get support in through the helpdesk, but haven’t received any responses — can you please look into that?

By Oli Dale - 1 February 2012

Could you resend or use the contact form –

By Tim Fahndrich - 5 February 2012

I’m having several issues with the plugin.  It does not seem to be working in wp multi-site. The campaigns are not posting on schedule and most of the campaigns I can’t even edit.  I’ve tried support tickets but have never heard anything and it shows no open tickets, so I don’t think your helpdesk is working.

I’m also having another issue now with the most recent upgrade of wordpress … anytime I use a ‘ or ” in an RSS feed template, it adds an “” to the text and requires a manual edit to change it.

I love the concept of the plugin, but it is not working well.  Please advise. 

By Tim Fahndrich - 5 February 2012

I’m using v 1.5

By Juan Montero Lopez - 28 February 2012

please I want to know if this plugin works with a theme of wohootheme, called cityguide. I need to know if it works and also want to know where is this plugin. thanks 

By Oli Dale - 28 February 2012

 The plugin provides content so should work with any theme
What do you mean “want to know where is this plugin” ?  You can buy here –

By Juan Montero Lopez - 28 February 2012

I know that makes this plugin with my theme of wordprees?

By Oli Dale - 28 February 2012

 Dont know what you mean ?

By Juan Montero Lopez - 28 February 2012

This plugin can make my blog look on all devices? blackberry? tablet? android?

By Oli Dale - 28 February 2012

 That would be up to the theme – the plugin just provides content for your blog

By Juan Montero Lopez - 28 February 2012

this plugin does not fit my theme to all device?

By Victor - 28 February 2012

El plug-in sólo proporciona contenido. El tema que utilice tendría que reconocer qué dispositivo están usando! 

By Juan Montero Lopez - 29 February 2012

you do not know a tool that allows, my theme suits all devices?

By Victor - 28 February 2012

  I just explained what you were trying to say! I do not speak a lick of spanish… But the google translation tool is The Bomb!

By G Freak Racing - 5 March 2012

Just bought your wp turbo full price 2 weeks ago , some modules dont work i really need them for my nitch sites…. Yahoo news, linkshare, I coupons, so far i set up and they do. Ot work… Pls help me

Hi, The comments module that I have has got problems when comments are submitted. Is it a  problem of the module or any code needs to be changed?

By Oli Dale - 11 May 2012

Please use this form for support –

 Thanks for your reply Oli. I am going to create a topic or query right away…

By Aj Martin - 30 July 2012

How do you delete error log?  First time I used this I got 3000 errors and no way to remove them without deleting each one at a time from the log….. Sent via support but ticket was deleted with no reply…

By Oli Dale - 31 July 2012

At the bottom of the logs page is a tick box which highlights every error, click that then the button next to it “delete logs” will remove them all.

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