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WPTurbo can be used to make many different types of website, all using WordPress and our content modules.

WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves autonmatically and earn you income each month by various affiliate programs.

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If you are looking for a complete autoblogging solution or whether you are looking to build an authority website then WPTurbo will work FOR YOU.

  • You can use it to auto post content from over 20+ modules, many of which you can earn affiliate commissions from. You can also let WPTurbo hunt down top quality content that you can then use to curate from. This will give you a complete white-hat unique content site.
  • WPTurbo has a complete user friendly interface that campaigns can be created from in a matter of minutes. You can building unlimited campaigns and use WP Turbo on as many sites as you wish.
  • Maybe you have an existing blog… why not let WPTurbo monetize your existing blog even further. Let it track down related products and videos that you can use to ENHANCE your readers experience by adding them to existing posts.

If you are looking to get into autoblogging/blogging or content curation then WPTurbo is for you. Get started today