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As the most advanced and comprehensive autoblogging plugin available, WP Turbo 2.0 empowers you to experience the ultimate in exposure and profit potential! With content drawn from 20+ premium APIs, you get everything you need to establish top-performing niche websites and blogs that funnel affiliate income your way every month—entirely on auto-pilot!

Unique Customization and Tailor-Made Solutions!

All your blogs and websites deserve to stand out and get as much attention as possible! You don’t want to just blend into the crowd and look like every other site out there. The more unique your layout and interface, the better chance you stand of snagging the income you’re after!

WPTurbo 2.0 gives you the power to craft special designs with ease, catching the eye of new prospects whenever they visit your page.

Advanced Template
Advanced Templates

Whatever topic or products your blog promotes, choose from a wide array of content modules, each with unique templates that you can pick-and-choose from!

Mix Modules
Mix-n-Match Modules

Every post comes with pre-set modules that can be combined and mixed to your heart’s desire!

User-Specific Posting
User-Specific Posting

Add as much variety as you wish with your posts, listing them under any and as many users they’re automatically attributed to.

Featured /wp-content/themes/nuzi/images/features-img
Featured Images

Post thumbnails or featured images in order to add a higher level of visual appeal to your content.


Proven Profit-Boosting Strategies and Solutions!

The whole point of autoblogging is to increase your profit potential as much as possible, for as little effort as possible. That’s why we’ve built our plugin on only the best-practice content generation tactics that are guaranteed to enhance your affiliate income far beyond what you could achieve alone.

Craft and Implement Multiple and
Simultaneous Campaigns!

Exhausting to think that you once had to work on a single blog campaign at a time, building up the content and getting it all posted before you could focus on another. Thanks to WP Turbo 2.0, you can now quickly and easily design multiple content campaigns and have them all running at the same time!

Done-For-You Autoblogging Functions

The whole point of WP Turbo 2.0 is to free you from as much of the time and hassle that traditional blogging methods require. That’s why we’ve automated as many features as possible, so you can sit back and relax while enjoying the profits that roll in thanks to your streamlined affiliate income.

Automatic Posting Automatic Posting

Schedule new posts according to whatever timeframe you wish, be it an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rotation!

Automatic User ID Automatic User ID

Rotate through a pre-defined set of post authors in order to keep your content varied and fresh.

Automatic Post Tagging Automatic Post Tagging

Your posts will be analyzed for the best tags, which will be automatically associated with the content to boost search engine exposure!

Automatic Reporting Automatic Reporting

Keep an eye on your SEO score and site rankings without having to run all the tests and data-crunching yourself.

Constant Support and Upgrades!

Even the most streamlined system occasionally needs a tweak or upgrade to keep it running at peak efficiency. Our team is constantly on task, improving our algorithms and adding new features to WP Turbo 2.0—and you get to take advantage of all fresh functionality!


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