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  3. Module Templates
  4. Adding your first Campaign
  5. Keyword Campaigns
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4. Keyword Campaigns

These will form the bulk of your campaigns. To start off, enter a name for your new campaign in the top box then underneath enter your search terms in the left box – you can enter as many as you like, one per name. Then in the right box, type in the category the posts should go into.

Tick “Create Posts Automatically” and enter an interval – you can put every x Hours or every x Days:

The next part of setting up a Keyword campaign is to setup the post templates, Depending which module you are using, choose it from the dropdown list and click “Load Post Template” this loads the template from the module settings page as a base.

Next is the “Post Title” box – you can use titles from any of the modules and add in your own text to make it more unique. Under that is the “Post Content” box – you can click the buttons to add any mix of content modules in here. Each one will post the template you have setup for that module on the setup page.

Under that is a drop down box for “Featured Image” – this is for themes that use post thumbnails or featured images, it will insert your choice into the theme.

The last part of this page is “Optional Settings” – you can choose a category for the Oodle, Eventful, eBay and Amazon modules :

Click “Save Campaign” and it is now setup and ready to start posting when you specified.