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3. Module Templates

Still on the “Setup” menu, underneath “Main Settings” you will see that every content module has its own tab – choose one to click on and it will open and reveal all the options for that particular module. It will also allow you to setup the template for that module.

The first thing to do if you want to use a module, is to see if it needs an API key, if so – visit the website and register and copy the key you are given into the module settings in WPTurbo.

Select any other options that are listed, all the modules will have different options.

The final section is the template settings, you will see a box with the default template layout allready saved in there. You can then modify this how you like, depending on how you are setting up your site. All the available template tags are shown underneath as green buttons – clicking one of those will insert it into your template. Again, each module will have different available tags you can use.